The innovation

AI Traffix has created an innovative technology concept for fast and efficient video processing.

The technology makes it possible to extract accurate data of different types from any video footage, in just one run !

The innovative concept, combined with AI, was developed to answer a growing global demand for accurate data in the field of vehicle and pedestrian counting for urban and interurban environments.

The technology is reliable/fast/efficient/cost effective whilst collecting varied data from the video footage.

The Team

The technology team consists of engineers in several fields led by Amit Weiss, a computer and electrical engineer with expertise in data storage systems from various sources.

The business team led by Ran Yaron who for over 16 years has been dealing with the commercial field of adapting technological counting solutions for customers in various fields.

Technological focus

The company specializes in counting solutions for any environment at any scenario:  

  • Urban and interurban, fast/slow traffic, traffic jams, traffic at intersections
  • Traffic in difficult weather conditions
  • Pedestrians and bicycle traffic
  • Traffic in open shopping centers where visitor traffic is not routed, traffic in shopping malls and buildings

Our product engineering is based on the following principles:

  • Reliable, accurate and fast
  • Does not involve heavy and expensive hardware
  • Works smartly and automatically

Further information about the technology, products, services and projects can be found on the following pages


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